08/05/2018 12:33 BST

Vanilla Ice Cream Is Under Threat, Here Are 5 Flavours To Try Instead

We bet you'd forgotten about rum and raisin 🍦

Diehard fans of vanilla ice cream should brace themselves for some pretty shocking news: vanilla prices have sky-rocketed and it’s having a knock-on effect on the British ice cream industry.

Prices have risen so much that some ice cream companies are having to bulk-buy vanilla so it lasts for the next few years due to a shortage of the flavouring, according to the BBC.

Much of the world’s vanilla is grown in Madagascar, however a cyclone in the country last March destroyed many of its plantations. And so the flavouring (which is in pretty much everything) is now reportedly rather scarce. 

The disaster has meant vanilla now costs around £443 per kilo, which is more expensive than silver. 

There’s only one thing for it, in our eyes: branching out to other flavours. If you don’t know where to begin, we’ve highlighted our favourites below.

VeselovaElena via Getty Images
Oh vanilla, you will be missed.

Mint choc chip

When the mercury is soaring, mint choc chip ice cream can provide some much-needed respite from the heat. Yes, it does have vanilla extract in it, but it’s probably easier to come by than vanilla pods.

Why we love it: A cool breeze of mint mixes perfectly with rich, dark chocolate - like an After Eight, but more creamy and oh-so-delicious.

bhofack2 via Getty Images
Mint choc chip aka the ice cream of gods.

Salted caramel chocolate

One for the dairy-free lovers: Booja Booja does an awesome salted caramel chocolate ice cream which has a chocolate base with swirls of salted caramel mixed into it. It’s not cheap, at £5.99 for 500ml, but it’s worth it. If you do consume dairy, there are plenty of other options on offer.

Why we love it: The chocolate is rich and creamy, and the salted caramel comes in chewy little pockets, so when you bite into them it it’s a real delight for the tongue.

Booja Booja
Chocolate + salted caramel = possible heaven on Earth.


The perfect ice cream choice for people who go nuts for pistachios #sorrynotsorry.

Why we love it: This particular flavour of ice cream is ridiculously creamy and its delightful shade of green is nothing short of Insta-worthy.

Bartosz Luczak via Getty Images
We told you it's Insta-worthy.

Rum and raisin

Yes, it might sound like your elderly aunt’s ice cream of choice but we’d go as far as saying rum and raisin is one of the top contending underdogs of the frozen treat world.

Why we love it: It tastes like rum (happy days for booze fans) but has the added delight of raisins in it, which adds a touch of sweetness and is basically one of your five-a-day.. right?

ToscaWhi via Getty Images
Rum and raisin in all its glory.

Blackcurrant sorbet

Okay so it’s not technically ice cream but it is delicious - and lots of ice cream shops will stock it.

Why we love it: It’s a nice change to the usual sweet stuff which can sometimes taste a bit synthetic. It’s also really refreshing and the zingy tartness of the blackcurrant is a real pleasure to the senses.

Wiktory via Getty Images
Blackcurrant sorbet will have you going back for seconds.