New Vegan Cheese Is Made Entirely From Leftover Potatoes

Step aside, Gary.

If you’ve been left unimpressed by Sainsbury’s coconut-based cheese don’t panic, a new type of vegan cheese could be hitting supermarket shelves.

Australian chef Andrew Dyhin has invented a “cheese” that’s entirely made from potato.

Using his top secret process, the humble spud can apparently be turned into a substance that looks, tastes and melts like regular cheese.

Dyhin has been developing his cheese-potato hybrid for 12 years and finally thinks the product, called chato, is ready to be released to the masses.

potato magic

Under his company Potato Magic, Dyhin is now looking for investors to help him up the scale of chato production.

He’s been making YouTube videos about his progress for the past few years, but thinks it’s time chato hit the big time.

“I can really only get people to trust the product when they can actually taste it, feel it and look at it,” he told ABC news.

He hopes the product will help to cut food waste, as in Australia hundreds of thousands of potatoes are reportedly wasted each year.

Things aren’t much better in the UK as according to food waste campaign group WRAP, a whopping 359,000 tonnes of potatoes are thrown away each year.

“We are dedicated to the production of food products that are pure, natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly,” the Potato Magic website reads.

“We combine sustainability and eco friendly processes from the paddock to the consumer to lower the food chain carbon footprint.”

For now, Dyhin is keeping his chato-making secret close to his chest, but we look forward to the day his product makes it to the UK.

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