13 Vegan Leather Bags That Are Good For Your Conscience And Your Wallet

Cruelty-free fashion can be affordable.

Who the heck deemed faux leather inferior to real leather? Because we need to have a talk.

The faux leather market has been steadily rising over the years, particularly as conscious consumerism enters the mainstream. More and more restaurants offer vegetarians and vegans actual main dishes rather than a house salad or an afterthought veggie burger. Many of our makeup and skincare products are consciously created with cruelty-free ingredients.

Next up? The bag on your shoulder.

Not only are fake leather bags better for animal lovers, they’re better for your (faux-leather) wallet, too. Here, we’ve combed through several brands of humane leather bags to find our 13 favorites. Check them out below, and be sure to sign up for our Full Carts, Can’t Lose email to stay on top of the best sales each week.

1. Gunas

Gunas is an independent fashion label that’s committed to being 100 percent vegan. Their motto? No animals harmed in the name of fashion. Check out their collection.

2. Matt and Nat

If you’re a veteran conscious shopper, you’re probably familiar with sustainable and eco-friendly accessories brand Matt and Nat. They’ve experimented with recycled materials through the years, like nylons, cardboard, rubber and cork. Since 2007, their linings have been created with 100 percent recycled plastic bottles. Check out their selection.

3. Sole Society

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Sole Society is notorious for creating gorgeous bags made from eco-conscious vegan leather with a “buttery soft feel.” It doesn’t get much better than that. Plus, their creations are incredibly affordable. Check out their selection.

4. Bead and Reel

Bead and Reel is a conscious shopper’s dream. The shop is female-founded, fair trade, artisan made, nonprofit, organic and vegan. Check out their selection.

5. Melie Bianco

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Melie Bianco is PETA-approved, which means they’re the real deal. Their products are on the higher end of the price scale, but it’s in the name of quality. “We pride ourselves in paying a little more to deliver more,” according to their site. Check out their selection.

6. LaBante London

LaBante London is a PETA-approved label that adheres to strict manufacturing codes for its jewelry and handbags. Their humane creations are even environmentally friendly. Check out their selection.

7. Stella McCartney

Yep, Stella McCartney is a vegetarian brand, which means they don’t use leather, skins, fur or feathers in any of their clothes or accessories. Instead, they use innovative materials to make their designs, which are also PVC free. Check out their selection.

8. MeDusa Bags

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MeDusa’s designs are all cruelty-free, eco-friendly and durable. The name “MeDusa” is derived from both the Greek deity and the Hebrew word for “jellyfish,” because most of the brand’s designs are inspired by seaside colors and patterns. Check out their selection.

9. Angela Roi

Angela Roi is an ethical luxury handbag brand in New York. They use high-quality vegan leather to craft unique, high-end bags. Check out their selection.

10. Pitti Vintage

Located in Italy, Pitti Vintage works to inspire people about the importance of vegan leather. The shop originally began selling vintage finds, but has expanded to selling handmade vegan leather bags, from totes to wallets to cross-body bags. Check out their selection.

11. Canopy Verde

Canopy Verde create eco- and vegan-friendly bags and accessories. Designed from Brooklyn, the bags are minimalist, practical and durable. Check out their selection.

12. Good Mood Moon

Good Mood Moon creates beautiful, Instagram-worthy bags and clutches that are animal-friendly. Better yet, they’re ridiculously affordable, with most bags between $24 to $68. Check out their selection.

13. Jeane and Jax

PETA-approved Jeane and Jax creates vegan leather wallets and handbags, and is dedicated to creating cruelty-free fashion at affordable price points. Check out their selection.

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