The 9 Worst Excuses For Giving Up On Veganuary


So you decided 2018 was the year to do Veganuary (alongside more than 23,000 others in the UK) vowing to stick to a plant-based diet for January.

On the 1 January you were fully embracing all the butternut squash, but a little further into the month and you’re starting to have Camembert dreams and salivate every time you walk past a KFC.

But, no matter what you tell yourself, these nine excuses really are the worst reasons for not sticking it out.

1. You realised you don’t like black tea.

Nut milk exists people.

2. You unthinkingly accepted an invite to a fondue night.

It would be rude to say no.

3. You got offered Nandos.

This one is totally legitimate.

4. You forgot to read the nutrition label on a sandwich.

Damn that sneaky mayo.

5. You got bored of lentils.

Bland doesn’t cover it.

6. You’re worried about your protein intake (after 48 hours).

My poor body.

7. You learned that wine isn’t always vegan.

No wonder vegans are so superior.

8. You got drunk.

Lost all control of decision-making.

9. You remembered bacon.

Yep, we’re done.