11/05/2020 09:06 BST

Victoria Beckham Probably Won't Thank Dane Bowers For (Over) Sharing These Stories About When They Worked Together

The singer teamed up with the former Spice Girl for 2000 single Out Of Your Mind.

Dane Bowers has been (over)sharing details of the period he spent hanging out with Victoria Beckham in the early noughties - and we doubt she’d thank him for it.

The former boybander collaborated with Victoria on their 2000 single Out Of Your Mind, which famously lost out to Spiller and Sophie Ellis Bextor’s If It Ain’t Love in a highly publicised chart battle.

Twenty years later and Dane has been spilling the beans on what it was like hanging out with the artist formerly known as Posh Spice, as they traveled the world together promoting the dance track.

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Dane Bowers and Victoria Beckham perform on stage at Party In The Park held at Hyde Park on July 9, 2000 in London

Dane, who found fame as part of the 90s boy band Another Level, claims that he and Victoria were often drunk when they performed the song.

“We were pissed out of our brains,” he told The Sun. “I don’t think we ever performed when we weren’t drunk.

“We got trains all over the UK to various gigs and we were always on the vodka or champagne.

“One time, we were travelling to Newcastle and Victoria and I left first class to party with our dancers in another carriage. Music was being blasted out. It was one big party.

“A train guard came over and told us to pipe down but Victoria just sweet-talked him, saying ‘Have a drink with us’.

“We had to go on stage and we were thinking, ‘Shit, we’re drunk’.”

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Dane also claims that when the pair were on a TV show in Europe, Victoria ended up having a bit of an unfortunate accident.

“We spoke to these German guys. Their sense of humour wasn’t quite the same as ours, Dane explained.

“During the interview I blurted something out and she wet herself. Literally, in the chair.

“We had to stop so she could sort herself out in the bathroom.”

Dane says he always got on well with Victoria’s husband David, but the relationship between the former Spice Girl and his then-girlfriend Katie Price wasn’t so good.

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Dane recalls: “Katie hated that I was doing music with Victoria. She was giving me so much grief. “

The singer also revealed that Victoria didn’t rate her own voice much.

“She used to say to me, ‘I’m no Mariah Carey’ and I would agree,” he says.  “She wasn’t amazing but she could hold a tune.

“Victoria was a much better drinker.”

Watch the video for Out Of Your Mind below...