19/10/2019 09:31 BST

Victoria Beckham Jokes About Sex With 'Soulmate' David As She Gets Candid Chat About Their Marriage

She insisted there was nothing to "worry" about in that department.

Victoria Beckham has opened up about her 20-year marriage to husband David, and joked she has no complaints as far as sex is concerned.

On Friday afternoon, Victoria appeared on the US talk show The View to discuss her fashion line, but inevitably the conversation soon turned to her relationship with football legend David. 

Sharing why she thinks their relationship has stayed the course for more than 20 years, Victoria said: “Obviously he’s incredibly good looking, But David is the most wonderful husband and fantastic father, a real inspiration to all of us. He’s hard-working.”

David and Victoria Beckham pictured at an event last year

“I’m lucky to have him as my soulmate,” she added. 

Anchor Joy Behar then pointed out the importance of being “friends” with your spouse of 20 years, as sex can turn – in her words – “eh” at that point in a marriage, to which Victoria joked: “Oh don’t worry about that!”

Victoria Beckham on The View

Earlier this year, Victoria and David marked their 20th wedding anniversary with a trip to Paris, which included an exclusive tour of Versailles.

Shortly afterwards, Victoria admitted she’d had concerns about the trip as it would be their first time on holiday without their four children in some time, commenting: “I said to David, ‘God, what will we have to say to each other when it’s just us?’ But we talked and laughed the whole time, and not even about the kids or work… what a relief – we’ll be OK, even when they’ve all left home.”

Throughout their decades in the spotlight, the couple has repeatedly been at the centre of speculation about whether they could be about to split, though obviously, this never actually been proved to be anything more than rumours.

In October 2018, Victoria gave an interview with Vogue, revealing she and David have learned to brush off these false reports in the media, saying: “People have been making things up about our relationship for 20 years. So David and I are pretty used to ignoring the nonsense and just carrying on as normal.”

However, she did add that false rumours about their marriage did affect those close to them, noting: “These things have a wider effect on the people around us, and that’s unfair.”

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