28/04/2021 12:19 BST

Victoria Beckham Doesn't Quite Know How To React After Justin Bieber Gifts Her Some Crocs

"I mean, it is the thought that counts," Posh said on Instagram.

Victoria Beckham evidently wasn’t quite sure how to react after receiving a pair of what we can only describe as the world’s most divisive footwear in the post, from none other than Justin Bieber.

On Tuesday night, Posh Spice wrote on her Instagram story that “a lot of people” had been asking her how she planned to dress when lockdown was over.

“What do you think about this suggestion from Justin Bieber?” she asked.

Victoria then posted footage of a pair of adorned lilac Crocs that the chart-topping singer had posted to her, as a gift from his Drew clothing line.

Instagram/Victoria Beckham
Victoria shows off her present from Justin Bieber

“OK, this is so kind of Justin, to send me some Crocs” she began. “I’ve never worn a pair of Crocs. They did make me laugh.”

She continued: “I mean, it is the thought that counts. Thank you so much… but yeah, I’m not quite so sure what to say about this.

“But thank you,” Victoria added with a laugh. “It’s very sweet.”

Matt Baron/Shutterstock
Victoria Beckham and Justin Bieber

The former Spice Girl and fashion designer then asked her fans in a poll whether they thought she’d be hitting the streets in the foam clogs, with most voting in the negative.

While they might not be for VB, Crocs are undoubtedly having something of a moment in 2021.

Having already been worn on the Drag Race UK stage by Ginny Lemon, Oscars musical director Questlove sported a metallic gold pair on the red carpet on Sunday night.

ABC via Getty Images
Questlove in his golden Crocs

Still, we have a feeling that’s still not going to be enough to convince Victoria to ditch her trademark heels any time soon...