21/09/2017 15:01 BST

‘Victoria’ Stars Leo Suter And Jordan Waller Share Embarrassing Skinny-Dipping Filming Incident


‘Victoria’ stars Leo Suter And Jordan Waller gave fans more than they bargained for during an interview on ‘BUILD’, oversharing just a tad during a discussion about a skinny-dipping scene which will air on Sunday (23 September).

The duo play Edward Drummond and Lord Alfred Paget, who have been doing their best to repress romantic feelings for each other.

Speaking alongside co-star Margaret Clunie, they revealed that they had to actually strip off in front of the show’s entire crew while film the scenes.

And given that it was freezing cold, neither actor was - how do we say this politely? - too pleased with how a certain part of their body became a lot smaller during filming.


Leo explained: “We just took our clothes off, two guys going for a swim, nothing to see here... But it was freezing cold.

They gave us these flesh-coloured things from here [the waist] down, which were meant to preserve our modesty but they turned fluorescent orange underwater. So the director came to us and said, ‘I’m really sorry but the wetsuits aren’t working so there’s only one option’.

“So we kept our dressing gowns on to the last, got into the water, it was freezing cold, you’re only allowed in it two minutes for hypothermic reasons and that was soul-destroying.

“It was like being in a colosseum because the way the pond worked, there were just 200 people in the crew above, looking down on you…”

“And then you emerge from the water and it has disappeared. It’s shriveled into non-existence,” Leo admitted, as his co-star laughed that the crew were thinking: “Where is it?”

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Jordan as Lord Alfred and Leo as Drummond 

 “I really wasn’t embarrassed by that, I was loving it,” Jordan joked, before continuing: “No, it was tough. Only because it was so, so cold.

“My body temperature dropped and I don’t think I was allowed back in because I was shaking. But it wasn’t embarrassing, it was more Ray Mears.”

In our books, that is mildly embarrassing, but it was Leo’s next revelation that gave the tale a pretty gross twist.

“The crew were all pissing up stream and it was raining so it was all just coming down the waterfall and into our lake,” he said. Ick.

‘Victoria’ is currently in its second season and a Christmas special will also air this year.

During their interview, the trio hinted at what fans can expect from the seasonal episode - with Jordan making the not-so-helpful observation that it will be “Very Christmassy” - while Margaret also revealed just how tough it is filming in corsets and gigantic ballgowns.

See their full interview below…

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