02/06/2018 15:14 BST | Updated 13/07/2018 00:20 BST

11 Horrifying Tales Of Hardship From Yesterday's Visa Blackout

'If you get this message there are other survivors.'

On Friday evening all hell broke loose across Europe as people were left unable to use Visa to purchase their traditional mini bottle of commute prosecco.

Social media was awash with tales of hardship and woe and panicked scenes were reported in the company’s head office.

OK, so that might not be a genuine tweet but still, more than a few people seemed to take it badly and were severely put out.

One woman’s “heart-rending” story made front page news.

Elsewhere, individuals were taking it upon themselves to deal with the situation as best they could, possibly taking cues from ‘The Road’.

Some sought to make the most of it and saw it as an opportunity to crack open their best gags.

For Carolyn, the worst moment was when she briefly thought she’d blown her entire month’s budget on £1.50 socks.

In a heartless move, Visa continued to advertise their services to those affected as if nothing was happening. 

Inevitably, Brexit was a factor.

And others sought to exploit their hardships for momentary fame.

But on a serious note, throughout all of this one group of people had a genuinely rough time - all the poor people working in shops, bars and restaurants across the country.

You are all in our thoughts x.

On Saturday Visa apologised for the system failure, saying it “fell well short” of its goal to ensure cards work reliably at all times following problems on Friday afternoon.