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MTV VMAs 2016: It's Been 15 Years Since Britney's Iconic Snake Performance, And All These Moments Too...

Yep, you heard. 15 years.

The MTV VMAs never fail to deliver us with a few iconic pop culture moments, but it’s fair to say that some years are more eventful than others.

For example, looking back at the ceremony in 2001 there was plenty to talk about. Surprise appearances from A-list pop stars, awards show performances that have already gone down in music history and the emergence of stars we’re still talking about to this day.

We still can’t believe that all this took place 15 (yes, 15!) years ago, but here is what the VMAs looked like in 2001...

  • Pamela Anderson Showed Some Skin On The Red Carpet...
    Terry McGinnis via Getty Images
    The most 2001 photo we've ever seen.
  • .... And So Did Kid Rock
    James Devaney via Getty Images
    He couldn't resist getting in on the act.
  • Jennifer Lopez Attended With Her Then-Boyfriend, Puff Daddy
    George De Sota via Getty Images
    Looking exactly the same as she does in 2016.
  • Blue Steel Was Still A Thing
    George De Sota via Getty Images
    Ben Stiller had just starred in 'Zoolander', after all.
  • Missy Elliott Paid Tribute To Aaliyah On The Red Carpet
    New York Daily News Archive via Getty Images
    The R&B singer had died just two weeks earlier.
  • Macy Gray Really Wanted That Album Promo
    Frank Micelotta Archive via Getty Images
    Good hat, too.
  • ...No, You Don't Understand. She Really Wanted It.
    Frank Micelotta Archive via Getty Images
    We wonder how many people bought the album because of this.
  • These... Gentlemen Were Also In Attendance
    Dave Hogan via Getty Images
    That's Mudvayne (obv).
  • Jennifer Lopez And Ja Rule Performed 'I'm Real'
    Frank Micelotta Archive via Getty Images
    Seriously, how has this woman not aged?
  • These Ladies Were The Big Winners On The Night
    TIMOTHY CLARY via Getty Images
    'Lady Marmalade' was named Video Of The Year.
  • Mya Apparently Wasn't Invited To Party Afterwards
    Jim Spellman via Getty Images
  • And Andy Dick Apparently Wanted To Get In On The Fun
    Scott Gries via Getty Images
    Moving swiftly on...
  • *NYNC Won Best Pop Video...
    Kevin Kane via Getty Images
    They beat Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears with their 'Pop' video.
  • ...And Celebrated Their Victory With A Live Performance...
    Kevin Kane via Getty Images
    'Kings Of Pop', though, guys? Really?
  • ...Which Included A Guest Appearance From Michael Jackson...
    Jeff Kravitz via Getty Images
    Now that's more like it.
  • ...But Even Michael Jackson Couldn't Steal The Show From Britney
    Frank Micelotta Archive via Getty Images
    That snake immediately went down in pop history. Incidentally, Britney won zero awards this night.
  • A New Artist Called Alicia Keys Was The Talk Of The Night
    Kevin Kane via Getty Images
    She won Best New Artist, over David Gray, Coldplay and Sum 41.
  • ...And Gave A Stunning Performance Of Her Song 'Fallin'
    Scott Gries via Getty Images
    The VMAs had a lot of good hats that year.
  • And It Wouldn't Be 2001 Without An Awards Show Performance From U2
    KMazur via Getty Images
    Sing it, Bono.
  • The Group Also Won The Video Vanguard That Year
    KMazur via Getty Images
    The golden Moon Man was theirs to keep.
  • Meanwhile, Destiny's Child Won Best R&B Video
    Scott Gries via Getty Images
    For 'Survivor', obv.
  • Missy Elliott Gave A Visually Stunning Performance
    Scott Gries via Getty Images
    Swinging from the chandelier long before Sia.
  • And Finally, Remember When Limp Bizkit Used To Win Awards?
    Scott Gries via Getty Images
    Here they are celebrating their Best Rock Video victory.
  • Yep, Our Thoughts Exactly, Britney
    Vinnie Zuffante via Getty Images
    Oh dear.
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