Wales Vs Portugal Sees Welsh Fan Allowed To Stay By Boss After Getting 1,000 Likes

If Carlsberg did bosses.

Welsh football fans have been thrilled to find their team earning themselves a place in the semi-finals of the Euros - and one supporter’s passion for his team was so evident, his boss let him stay to watch them fight for a place in the final.

Matt Trotman’s boss set him a challenge that if he could get 1,000 likes on his Facebook status, she would let him extend his trip to watch Wales’ game against Portugal.

Trotman, who is originally from Dinas Powys in south Wales, but now lives in San Francisco, was thrilled to see his team make it through the group stage.

<strong>Matt Trotman in Lille for a previous game</strong>
Matt Trotman in Lille for a previous game
Matt Trotman

He told The Huffington Post UK: "I was due to fly home on the Monday, it was only supposed to be a four day trip but we won and I texted my manager asking if I could stay, she said 'yes, that's fine we can organise for you to work from London'.

"I then got myself a ticket for the Belgium game and went over to France on Thursday night and watched the game, which was just awesome, an absolutely incredible experience."

But now that Wales were through the the quarter-finals, the 28-year-old recruitment consultant tried pushing things a little further.

He explained: "I was then due to fly home on Sunday so on Saturday I rang my manager and she gave me the challenge, rather tongue-in-cheek. She said if I could get 1,000 likes on Facebook I could stay. She didn't think I was going to it I suppose!

Matt Trotman

"That was at about 10am and the latest I could change my flight was at 6pm, so I had an eight hour window to get the likes in. I did it just in time."

Trotman said that he "can't wait" for Wednesday's semi-final match against Portugal - and if Wales make it to the final, he's already got his flights arranged so he can stay for that too.

Does he think the Welsh have it in them to make that far?

"If we play the same way as we did against Belgium, I do think we'll win."

Trotman added: "A lot of my friends liked it but also people I don't know. I've had people messaging me from Bulgaria, Holland - everywhere really - wishing Wales good luck. It's been brilliant.

"It was just the best feeling ever. Obviously I didn't want to go home, as the song goes really: don't take me home.

"I can't thank everyone enough for sharing it."

He later added on Facebook:Thanks to everyone who made this happen to allow me to stay!!! Major thanks goes to my company Real Staffing and my manager Stephanie Brooks!!! COME ON WALES ‪#‎TogetherStronger‬ ‪#‎IfCarlsbergdidbosses‬"

Wales, which has also beaten Northern Ireland, Russia and Slovakia, will kickoff against Portugal at 8pm UK time on Wednesday evening.