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These Rad Bridesmaids Threw A Warrior-Themed Bachelorette Party

Because women are strong as hell. 💪💪

Put away the penis straws because this is the bachelorette party theme we need in 2018. 

In July, bride-to-be Alex Pinkerton and her six bridesmaids headed to Banff, Canada, to celebrate her upcoming wedding. Instead of sporting the usual “bride tribe” T-shirts, they channeled their inner badasses and dressed as warrior women instead. 

Reba Clamp
Alex Pinkerton, center, said the costumes were an ode to all the women out there who are "battling to maintain their rightful place in their environment."

Pinkerton, who lives in Seattle, posted some photos of her friends in their fierce garb to the Facebook group Pantsuit Nation on Tuesday, writing, “Life is tough. But so are women. Because women should raise up other women. Because women should fight alongside each other and support each other. Keep fighting, ladies!” 

The bride-to-be told HuffPost that the theme for the weekend was a response to the current political climate.

“Part of what prompted this idea was how, whenever things have gotten tough, our friends have always had each others’ backs. We’ve talked more and more about family issues, job issues, POC rights, mental health and women’s rights lately. It takes a village to stay strong through this. You need to have your women ready to fight by your side to stay sane.” 

Several months before the bachelorette weekend, several of Pinkerton’s bridesmaids suggested they all get warrior costumes for the occasion, as an ode to women who are “battling to maintain their rightful place in their environment, whether it be in the workplace or at home.” Some purchased the costumes and props online. Others, including Pinkerton, made their outfits using thrift store finds and craft skills. After doing a photo shoot in their outfits, the women spent the day walking around Lake Louise, dancing and eating. 

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"People's reactions were incredible, too," the bride said. "We were photographed a lot by strangers and complimented over and over. One group of hikers playfully attacked us with their hiking poles!"

Pinkerton and her pals make it a point to check in with each other frequently, supporting each other through the ups and downs. 

“We believe in the power of women and having your warriors behind you to support you through anything you go through,” she said. “We know that strength does not come from dressing up as warriors but from within and the partnerships you make in life.”

“Also, it turns out it’s really fun walking around with fake hair and armor on!” she added. 

Pinkerton and her fiancé, whom she calls her “loudest cheerleader,” will be tying the knot in Seattle in September. 

“But we’re definitely rethinking our bridesmaids’ outfits after this trip!” she said.

Check out more photos from the warrior-themed weekend below: 

Courtesy of Alex Pinkerton
Reba Clamp
Courtesy of Alex Pinkerton
Alex Pinkerton at Banff, a resort town in the Canadian province of Alberta.
Courtesy of Alex Pinkerton
Reba Clamp
Reba Clamp
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