Watch: Boris Johnson Wobbled "Like A Wonky Shopping Trolley" On Brexit

Cameron's spin doctor on what really happened with Johnson's decision to back Leave

David Cameron’s former spin doctor has said that Boris Johnson “wobbled all over the place like a wonky shopping trolley” over which side to back for the EU referendum.

Johnson famously texted David Cameron just nine minutes before he made his decision to champion the Leave campaign, which was widely interpreted as a sign he had been keeping the government in the dark.

But on the Andrew Marr show, Craig Oliver said that Johnson had in fact been in frequent contact with the prime minister on his various changes of heart, but the Cameron team had not felt it “honourable” to reveal this to the press.

“We could have revealed the extent to which Boris was wobbling all over the place like a wonky shopping trolley as he described it himself, but we chose not to. And I think that actually was an honourable thing to do”, he said.

During the interview the former Cameron aide also said it had been “very difficult” that Theresa May was slow to reveal which side she was backing, and that her final answer was “very equivocal”, which was also “difficult”.

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