04/05/2017 15:54 BST

15 Ways To Waste Time, Because Procrastination Might Actually Be Good For You

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We’ve long suspected that procrastinating like a boss was actually the key to getting things done. After all there is nothing like some crippling time pressures to finally kick us into action. 

Now psychologist Michael Guttridge, has told The Guardian, there is actually value to doing things that are traditionally considered to be a ‘waste’ of time. 

So in the spirit of supporting ourselves in every way possible, here are the 15 best ways to meaninglessly fritter away the rest of today. Best get started. 

1. Scroll through Instagram for the hundredth time.

2. Check the contents of the fridge, even though you know there is nothing in it.

3. Stare at an inanimate object.

4. Imagine what humans what look like if they had tails. 

5. Think about all the things you were meant to do today.

6. Write a list of the things you’ve already done so you can have the satisfaction of ticking them off. 

7. Go back to bed despite all evidence that now is not the time.

8. Remember how nice cats are. 

9. Wonder what would happen if your parents read your Tinder messages.

10. Resent everyone who is being more productive than you.

11. Plan what you would do in the event of a sharknado.

12. Add all the clothes to your ASOS basket to make you feel like you can actually afford new things.

13. Re-read this article.

14. Worry about how stressed you’re going to be tomorrow when you didn’t do anything today.

15. Call your mum.