Asos Trouser Print Makes It Look Like You've Had An Accident – Or, You're Covered In Bacon Rashers

Either way, we're not sure who will be wearing them.

Asos continues to outdo itself with its often impractical and questionable designs – and the latest is the cherry on top.

Just last month there was the dress that resembled a bag of onions and now, we’ve been blessed with tie-dye joggers that look a bit like you’ve got bacon rashers all over you. Or, that you’ve had an accident, considering the brown smears are conveniently located around the crotch.

For £22.99, the jogging bottoms, that come in a matching co-ord with a cropped bardot sleeved top from fashion brand Public Desire, can be all yours – if you can put up with the funny looks, that is.

There’s no question that tie-dye is back (here are the pieces we would actually wear) – but this brown style? Perhaps something got lost in translation in the design process.

Even though the weather has taken a turn and autumn feels imminent, we probably won’t be looking to these jogging bottoms for added warmth in our wardrobes.

Instead we’ll be stocking up on some sellout Zara boots and a pillow bag, or two.

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