6 Weird Places That Women Have Given Birth

In an Uber.

For most pregnant women the location options for delivering your baby are fairly standard - hospital, midwifery unit, at home.

And in fact, only 2.3% of UK mums-to-be are choosing to give birth at home these days, and 96 in every 100 women will be in a hospital.

But there are some women who are doing things a little differently and - despite probably not planning to - have ended up giving birth in some pretty weird places.

Here are six of the strangest.

1. In an Uber.

An Uber driver wasn’t expecting to make a special delivery when he picked up Erica Davidovich and her husband Niv, to take them to the hospital.

After staying at home to begin labour, the mother-of-four, gave birth in the back seat of the ride-share because they couldn’t get to the hospital in time.

Paramedics arrived after the birth, but officials listed the driver Raymond Telles as the ‘primary assist’ in the delivery. We hope they left a tip.

2. In a supermarket.

Doing the weekly shop isn’t normally the highlight of our week, but we’re not sure we need the level of excitement that Ashleigh Miller-Cross had while pushing her trolley on 28 April 2017.

Miller-Cross, who had no idea she was pregnant because she’d only just given birth to her first child in August 2016, gave birth in the store toilet.

The store donated a year’s worth of nappies to the mum.

3. In the front garden.

Candace Marie had been experiencing cramps through the night but assumed it was Braxton Hicks or false labour. However when she woke up in the morning, her waters broke.

She only had time to leave the house, before she felt the baby’s head “sliding out” so sat down in the front garden and had her partner deliver baby Gannicus on the lawn.

4. In a car park.

There’s nothing like the reality of labour to destroy any expectation that your birth plan would go as imagined.

But for one couple, they didn’t even get past stage one of the plan - drive to the hospital, before the baby decided to make an appearance.

The couple were on their way to the hospital in the middle of the night when mum felt like she really needed to push, and dad had to pull into a car park, according to ‘Love What Matters’ Facebook page.

5. In her sleep.

For most women the idea of sleeping through labour is laughable, but for 23-year-old Alice Payne from Ashbourne, Derbyshire, it was a reality.

Payne woke from an hour-long nap to find she had nearly pushed out her 6lb 4oz son, Philip, during her slumber.

Payne was at the hospital and had been medically induced, but a machine misread her contractions and didn’t identify how close to together they were.

Thinking she was some way off giving birth, doctors gave her medication to help her sleep and build her strength for the final push.

To their amazement they watched as she pushed her son out whilst napping at the same time.

6. Outside the maternity unit.

They say timing is everything, and unfortunately for Paula D’amore, she was about five minutes too late.

D’amore’s contractions started at home and when they became longer and more frequent, she got in the car.

As she pulled up outside the hospital, she felt the baby starting to crown, she said: “I felt a head and was like; ‘Oh my God this is happening right now’.”