12 Weird Things Brits Do During A Heatwave

Bizarre doesn't cut it.

It’s safe to say the hot temperatures are playing havoc with our brains.

All etiquette has gone out of the window and suddenly we have no qualms about sitting around half-naked, drinking bottles of wine and spending money like water.

Sound familiar? Here are a handful of bat shit things which the heatwave gives you licence to do...

1. Sit around in your pants

The window is open, the blinds are open, everyone can see you in your partially nude glory. But you’re hot and sweaty and you really couldn’t care less.

2. Eat ice cubes

It’s hot outside and you wholeheartedly believe that the brain freeze and potential tooth damage is worth it.

3. Stand by the fridge with the door open

Who cares if all your food is getting warm? You’re getting cool.

4. Make a fan slip stream

Screw cooking dinner. Creating a mammoth gust of air through your flat just became a priority. *Heads to Argos and buys all the fans*

5. Sniff your own armpits like it’s going out of fashion

Gotta make sure things are still fresh under there.

6. Take your top off in public

Who cares if you’re in a library? The top is coming off.

7. Spend unnecessary amounts of cash on a BBQ

We’ll only get to use it twice a year, but it’s a worthy investment. Yes?

8. Drink more alcohol than you would in a year

The sun is out and those beer gardens need punishing.

9. Buy a kid’s paddling pool

Because going home and sitting in your fun-size paddling pool with a glass of wine is totally normal.

10. Eat ice cream before lunch

Totally acceptable when it’s boiling. Right?

11. Wear your holiday clothes to work

That crazy-ass shirt you bought for Malia ‘14 is totally viable office wear.

12. Wear sunglasses (even indoors)

The sun is out and your eyes need protection - even when you’re 40 metres underground on a packed tube.