Gravity Explained, In One Simple Video

Gravity Explained, In One Simple Video

Albert Einstein once described gravity as the warping of space and time in his theory of general relativity. But what exactly does that mean?

YouTube personality Edward Current attempts to simplify this theory in a new YouTube video, using a so-called "Spacetime Stretcher," built mostly out of materials from his garage and the hardware store. Check out the video above.

"As a falling object's path goes increasingly in the space (down) direction, it goes a little bit less in the time direction," Current wrote in the video's YouTube description. "Gravity is effectively converting some of its travel through time into travel through space."

Got that? On different social media websites, science enthusiasts have been praising the video for demystifying an otherwise mind-boggling concept.

"The best explanation of gravity I have seen," YouTube user Tjaart Blignaut wrote in a comment.

Still, gravity remains one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. Even though scientists can explain how it behaves, they are still trying to pinpoint what causes gravity and how it really works.

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