Is The Secret To Being A Proper Adult Actually How Many Towels We Own?

In today's installment of 'what is the internet getting upset about'...

When you think about life’s big questions, you might contemplate life after death or the existence of God – but it turns out the thing we need to spend more time discussing is towels.

That’s right: bath towels, hand towels, face towels – the rugs of varying shapes and sizes that we use to dry our bodies. How many towels are too many towels to own? And can you claim to be a proper adult if you don’t know the answer?

One man, Abdul, posed the question to his Twitter followers and the responses are quite the ride.

People suggested everything from four to 100 towels is the key to cracking the system – enough that you don’t run out before doing a wash and but not too many that you run out of storage space.

One person even had a formula to work out how many towels you need.

It also turns out some people are using a new towel every time they wash.

Journalist Yashar Ali threw a spanner in the works by suggesting people should be including ‘bath sheets’ (we had no idea what they were either) in their tally of towels. It’s an American thing, apparently.

For the uninitiated, Yashar included a graph to demonstrate the dimensions of the ‘bath sheet’ he was talking about, compared to the other towels.

Yashar also suggested we should be ironing our towels, which quite honestly feels like an insult to our leisure time.

Luckily, some smart people recommended that if your towels are crispy and scratchy, instead of wasting time ironing them (sorry Yashar), you need to use less detergent or wash them with vinegar.

That’s enough Twitter for today.