What To Wear To A First Date For Women: Pros And Cons

Is lipstick a big fat no?

First dates are scary enough, without having to choose what to wear.

Trying to make a good impression, whilst simultaneously not trying too hard (and still wearing something you feel vaguely like yourself in) is much harder than it sounds.

Then of course there is the blind date location...let’s not even get started on that.


Pros: You feel really comfortable, not overdressed, and you can wear them to work the next day and no one suspects you didn’t go home last night...

Cons: They turn up in a suit and you look like a slob.

High Heels

Pros: Make your legs/bum/whole body look ten times better than flats, and makes you stand up straight at the bar (your mum would be proud).

Cons: Turns out they are actually 5’4 and you spend the whole evening feeling like the BFG.

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Pros: Who doesn’t feel 110% when they’ve got MAC all over their lips?

Cons: If you go for a kiss you’ll end up smearing it all over their face and yours.

Harem Pants

Pros: You look so worldly and scream “I love travelling” and it filters out the guys who are interested in staring at your arse.

Cons: Guys hate them, no exceptions. They are literally the clown pants of nightmares.

Bodycon Dress

Pros: You. Feel. So. Sexy.

Cons: You go for a three-course meal and end up trying to hold in your stomach bloat for the rest of the evening. Hot. (Not.)


Pros: There’s nothing like a bra strap to ruin an outfit, plus there is something invigorating about not wearing underwear in public.

Cons: Cold restaurants. Nippy and not in a good way.


Pros: They hold you in all the right places, and make you look like you’ve actually used your gym membership in the last three months.

Cons: It eventually has to come off and the TRUTH SHALL BE REVEALED.

Fake Eyelashes

Pros: They complete your make-up look and make you look like a doe-eyed Bambi.

Cons: They start to peel off when you get drunk and make you look like you’ve been nutting caterpillars.

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Pros: You are so comfortable (and you own 20 pairs so there is always lots of choice). Plus, trainers are cool, man. MTV Cribs says so.

Cons: They take you to a Michelin star restaurant and you’re refused entry because your Stan Smiths’ have seen better days.


Pros: You look like an Instagram filter.

Cons: You look like an Instagram filter IRL (and apparently people aren’t into that..)


Pros: They are great for showing off some personality and can be really flattering.

Cons: You match the curtains and remind him of his mum in the nineties.


Pros: You only need to think about one piece of clothing so you don’t end up being really late to your date.

Cons: When you go to the toilet it takes so long to get undressed/re-dressed they think you’re doing a massive poo.

Fake Tan

Pros: You look like you can actually afford a summer holiday because you didn’t spend all your money on Uber and Dominos.

Cons: If you go home with them, you’re going to ruin their white bed sheets. Don’t expect another invite.

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