What Your Sleeping Position Says About You, Apparently

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The position you rest in while going to sleep could provide an insight into where you live, your age and even your profession, new research suggests.

The study asked 15,000 people across the globe, including 5,000 people in the UK, about their sleeping positions, then analysed the results for key trends.

Sleeping on the left was found to be the most popular position overall and people who slept is this way were found to be more likely to be university educated than any other position.

Using the findings, bed manufacturer Sealy UK has created a break down of what your sleeping position could reveal about you.

While the results may feel a little like reading a horoscope, they’re certainly good fun.

1. ‘Leftie lounger’ – 36% of people sleep on their left side each night, making it the most popular position in the country.

According to the findings, ‘lefties’ are likely to work in marketing or advertising (41%) or for a local authority or healthcare trust (37%).

Living in Brighton (8%), this type of sleeper falls into the 45-54 age bracket (25%) and is more likely than any other sleeping position to be degree educated (25%).

Sealy UK

2. ‘Right side relaxer’ – 34% of people sleep on their right-hand side, making it the second most popular position in the UK.

According to the research, ‘righties’ work in transport (8%) or in manufacturing (7%) and fall into the 35-44 age bracket (19%) most often.

This group is also more likely to be heavier smokers than any other sleep position with 7% of people smoking 21-25 cigarettes per day.

Righties are also supposedly big caffeine fans, with 9% drinking more than 10 caffeinated drinks a day. They typically live in Nottingham (14%).

Sealy UK

3. Stomach slumper – 12% of people sleep on their fronts each night.

The researchers said ‘slumpers’ tend to work in the agricultural and fishing industries (5%), and fall into the 45-54 age bracket (24%).

They are quite heavy drinkers, consuming on average 7 – 10 units of alcohol each day (9%). Slumpers are most likely to live in Leeds (10%), and be female (79%).

Sealy UK

4. Freestyler – this type of sleeper accounts for one in 10 of the population, and will ‘freestyle’ at night time, choosing a variety of different sleeping positions.

According to the study authors they are most likely to work in utilities (energy or water – 6%) and are typically 35 – 44 years old (12%). Freestylers generally reside in Carlisle (6%) and are female (a huge 80%).

Sealy UK

5. Star Fish (back sleeper) – 8% of people sleep in this position, making it the fifth most popular in the country.

Despite evidence to the contrary, star fish sleepers reported the highest percentage of any other group when it came to waking up feeling refreshed and well-rested (30%).

According to the researchers, they are likely to work in transport and logistics (6%), are typically younger than other groups, in the 25-34 age category (16%), live in Belfast (4%) and are male (31%).

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