30/08/2018 12:38 BST | Updated 30/08/2018 13:54 BST

What's New With Your Creps? We Look At This Season's Trainers

Hint: the dad trainer is not going away any time soon.

With the season for summer sandals coming to an abrupt end, and the start of drizzly rain season, trainers are in the forefront of our minds. 

But what is new in the world of trainers (or sneaks, kicks, creps, whatever you want to call them) for the rest of 2018? 

Get your wallets ready because we’ve rounded up the best out there. 

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With the rise of luxury sportswear and high profile public figures like Kanye West investing so heavily in the trend, trainers have become fashionable again.

And even if you can’t afford to go full Yeezy like the Olsen twins, there is something for everyone’s budgets: with high street shops like Zara serving up some great options.

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But what are we looking for? When asking around the HuffPost UK office, all agreed that they want one shoe they can wear to work, to dinner and to drinks. In short, they want them to be comfortable and appropriate for all day. 

And as for how they look? Soles are once again chunky and thick (think 1990s dad trainers).

And there are currently two main colour tribes. First up, the dirty pastel, like these khaki trainers by Big Sean for Puma or the Nike Air Max in a light pink.

Then there are the more garish graphic colours, inspired by the 1980s, and taken up by people like Pharrell Williams, whose latest collaboration with Adidas looks like an abstract painting for your feet.

Here are our pick of the best.

  • Puma
    PUMA x BIG SEAN Clyde Pale Khaki Sneakers, size 3.5-13 available, £95. 

  • ZARA
    Fashion sneakers, size 2-9 available, £49.99, Zara
  • Nike
    Huarache Run Ultra, size 5.5-14 available, £99.95, Nike
  • Nike
    95 SE Glitter, size 2.5-9 available, £129.95, Nike
  • Fila
    Disruptor II Women's, size 3.5-9 available, £75, Fila.
  • Adidas
    Pharrell Williams Solarhu NMD Shoes, size 3.5-12.5 available, £219.95, Adidas
  • Adidas
    POD-S3.1, size 3.5-13 available, £99.95, Adidas.
  • Topshop
    Chloe Check Lace Up Trainers, size 35-42 available, £24, Topshop