18/11/2020 09:00 GMT

Contestant On US Version Of Wheel Of Fortune Stunningly Fails At 'Declaring Victory'

Oh the irony.

The category was “What Are You Doing,” which makes sense because Wheel of Fortune viewers were probably like, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?”

On Monday’s edition of the US gameshow, contestant Alex basically had a win in the bag for the final group puzzle. After guessing a “Y,” and smiling at host Pat Sajak as the letter showed up on the board, all he had to do was say the answer out loud. Fittingly, it was “Declaring Victory.”

But there was just one problem, as you can see below:

While trying to “declare victory” with his arms held above his head, Alex said: “I’m declaring victory,” rather than just saying the words in the answer (a strict Wheel of Fortune rule).

Contestant Amanda answered correctly without the “I’m,” and Alex stood stunned until Sajak explained it to him after the puzzle. 

Some Wheel of Fortune fails may defy the laws of physics, but they don’t get more ironic than this. In declaring his win, Alex sealed his defeat. 

“I didn’t even know I said, ‘I’m,’” Alex said to Sajak.

“Take my word. Look at my eyes. Would I lie to you?” Sajak joked.

Alex still was the big winner on the day, taking home more than $32,000. But when it comes to that “declaring victory” clip, declaring bankruptcy might be less painful.