22/02/2017 10:34 GMT | Updated 22/02/2017 10:38 GMT

When Is Storm Doris Due? Gales, Rain And Snow To Hit UK This Week

Secure the ship's tarpaulins!

Storm Doris was flirting with Britain earlier this month, but she rain-checked us at the last minute.

But she’s back and she means business – bringing strong winds, rain and some snow to the UK on Thursday.

A deep low pressure system developing in the Atlantic is expected to track across Northern Ireland, northern England and Scotland on Thursday, bringing gusts of up to 80mph, heavy rain and snow at higher levels.  

An Amber National Severe Weather Warning has been issued for wind with gusts expected to reach 60-70 mph in northern England and Wales with the chance of some isolated gusts of up to 80mph. Elsewhere across the UK it will still be windy, with widespread gusts of 50-60 mph expected in central England and Wales, a Yellow weather warning is in place for these regions.   

As well as heavy rain in central parts of the UK, it is likely there will be snow in the far north of England and for much of Scotland which could fall to low levels in some of these areas. Another Yellow weather warning for snow has been issued for parts of north England and large parts of Scotland. Additionally a Yellow warning for rain has been issued for Northern Ireland over Wednesday night and into Thursday when rainfall totals could reach 20-30 mm.

Chief Meteorologist with the Met Office Steve Willington said: “We have named Storm Doris as we expect winds of up to 80mph, heavy rain and some snowfall to cause disruption across some central and northern parts of the UK on Thursday.

“Currently the most likely track of the low pressure system is across Northern Ireland and northern England and we expect to see the strongest winds in the north of Wales and central England. As well as heavy rain, as the low pressure system moves eastwards it will draw down cold air from the north which will cause some of this precipitation to fall as snow across parts of northern England and Scotland. It will be a very unsettled day of weather so make sure you keep up to date with your local forecast and any weather warnings for your area.”