27/03/2017 21:00 BST | Updated 28/03/2017 07:23 BST

'Coronation Street': 'Who Pushed Ken Barlow?' Storyline Kicks Off, As He's Attacked In Shock Scenes

Who could possibly want to hurt Ken?

‘Coronation Street’ has kicked off a brand new ‘whodunnit?’ storyline, after Ken Barlow was pushed down the stairs in an attempt to kill him. 

His body was found unconscious in the hallway of number one at the end of Monday (27 March) night’s episode, in a complete shock for viewers that had not been leaked prior to transmission. 

Fans were led to believe he had suffered another stroke after the scenes aired, but we can reveal Wednesday’s instalment will see his family informed Ken was actually hit on the head and pushed down the stairs. 

Ken Barlow was pushed down the stairs in 'Coronation Street'

Things look set to be even more shocking over the coming weeks, as the hunt of his attacker begins, with six characters in the frame

They are: Ken’s grandson Adam Barlow; his son Daniel Osbourne, his other son Peter Barlow; his daughter Tracey Barlow; dodgy builder Pat Phelan and Daniel’s girlfriend Sinead Tinker. 

And all six of them also have a motive, having all fallen out with Ken prior to the attack.

Six characters are all in the frame

William Roache, who plays Ken, claimed his character will be “absolutely horrified and very frightened” when he realises there’s a possibility a family member could have pushed him. 

“There is a moment when he looks at them all and is terrified as it could be any one of them because he has had rows with all of them,” he explained.

“To find that it could be someone who is very very close to you is very frightening. It really does upset him and he can’t remember. He is deeply hurt that a member of his family might want to kill him, that really hurts.”

Ken is left fighting for his life following the attack

William also revealed he and the rest of the cast were kept in the dark about the identity of the culprit. 

“We didn’t know and only now, some weeks on from filming a lot of the story and as we get closer to finding out in scripts, have we been made aware,” he said.

“It was great to play it like that and all of the suspects were told to behave as though they were guilty or hiding something and they didn’t know. It was fun to be part of the secrecy and to act out the story not knowing the truth.”

‘Coronation Street’ continues on Wednesday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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