The Last Leg Explains Why People Voted Donald Trump President


Once again it’s taken Channel 4’s The Last Leg to bring a bit of sense to a seismic political event - President Trump.

In a special edition of the topical comedy show, Adam Hills and the gang tried to make sense of the days events with the help of a few special guests, including journalist and author, Rachel Johnson, who has a rather well-known brother called Boris.

In amongst the laughs, analysis and even some interpretive dance from Ed Balls, Johnson made a prescient point explaining the world’s dismay at how Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States.

Hills asked: “How did Trump manage to convince people he isn’t part of the elite when he’s a billionaire businessman who’s been hanging out with the Clintons and the Bushes for years?”

Johnson replied: “I think what he did brilliantly is he just carried on telling people what he wanted to hear and they know he’d not going to build a wall, they know he’s not going to kick out 11 million Mexicans.

“But his supporters took him seriously but not literally and people like us, mainstream media, lefties, hipsters, beardies, comedians, we made the mistake of taking him literally but not seriously.”

Before Tuesday night most of those in the media and the “liberal elite” were confident of a Clinton victory.

This is how the New York Times prediction changed overnight.

<strong>The incredible swing in predictions.</strong>
The incredible swing in predictions.
New York Times

A Google search for today for “how the media got it wrong” brings up a host of soul-searching article from... the media.

The reaction of much of the “leftie” world was summed up by Hills earlier in the show when he described his emotions surrounding the result.

He said: “Part of me knows there are a lot of disaffected people in America who feel like they’ve been left behind by their government and they voted for someone who came along and spoke to them directly.

“I know that.

“Bu another part of me just wants to go: WHAT THE SHIMMERING FUCK HAVE YOU DONE AMERICA?”