Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update: Paint 3D Unveiled For Augmented Reality

Create a 3D masterpiece for virtual Paint!

Remember Windows Paint, that glorious little pixellated app that let you explore your first moments of digital creativity on Windows 3.1 or Windows 97.

Well Paint is back, and Microsoft has given it a pretty astonishing update.

As part of Microsoft’s massive new Creators Update for Windows 10, users will get a copy of Paint 3D a piece of software that lets you create 3D objects for virtual reality or augmented reality.

Windows Paint 3D will let you effectively capture a real-life object using your smartphone’s camera and then import it directly into Paint.

You can then edit it, tweak it, and create your own 3D masterpiece.

Once you’ve created your 3D model you can then share it to Microsoft’s new social hub for 3D creations called Remix.

Finally, once it has been uploaded to Remix, you’ll be able to actually place yours (and anyone’s) creation into your virtual office using the HoloLens headset.

Paint 3D and Minecraft creations can all be uploaded to Remix and then 3D printed back into real-life.

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