21/11/2018 11:11 GMT

Snow Forecast: Winter Is Coming As Parts Of UK Wake Up To First Flurry

Wrap up warm...

Parts of the UK awoke this morning to their first dusting of snow of the season thanks to a cold blast arriving from eastern Europe.

Exmoor in the south west witnessed snowfall, as well as the Pennines in the north, while coastal areas were hit with strong winds.

Parts of south and south east England saw the mercury hit 2C, while the south-west felt chills of -2C.

The snow mostly hit high ground after low temperatures meant showers and sleet overnight on Tuesday descended as snow.

Social media users around the country shared their excitement, with many of them witnessing the first snow of the autumn.

The next few days are expected to bring slightly milder temperatures after Tuesday marked the coldest day of the week.

Showers are expected in a few areas on Wednesday, with south and south west England, north east England, Scotland and Northern Ireland expected to bear the brunt of the wet weather.

Sunshine will break through in the south east, east and north east of England, but clouds will draw in as the week winds down.

Meteorologists are working on a longer-term winter forecast, and they expect it could be a wet season.

But at this stage they are not exactly sure what kind of winter the UK is in for.

“There are very little signs either way,” meteorologist Martin Bowles said.

“Climatology is saying it will be mostly wet and windy with a couple of colder spells.

“But we’re not expecting anything record-breaking at the moment.”