Pregnant Woman Makes Bizarre Request So She Can Use Her Ideal Baby Name

Ah, the ups and downs of trying to name your baby.
Massonstock via Getty Images

Everyone knows how hard it is to choose a baby name – the ones you like, your partner doesn’t like, and the ones they likes remind you of certain people you don’t want to associate your child with.

And if you’re starting a family at a similar time to your friends, there’s the worry that you’ll both choose the same baby name. That just can’t happen.

But for one woman, her main concern was that a dog had the same name she wanted to choose for her unborn daughter – well, that’s according to Twitter anyway.

In the thread, the pregnant mum-to-be asks the other woman if she would mind changing her dog’s name, because it could be awkward when they “bump into each other” with a baby and pet who are called the same.

The woman politely refused and said it wasn’t going to be a problem, but the pregnant friend expressed how “disappointed” she was, saying she didn’t know how it felt because she wasn’t a mother.

Whether this exchange was in jest – or completely serious – we can’t be sure. But we do know how strict parents-to-be can be regarding their baby names. While pregnant with her third child, Stacey Solomon claimed her sister had previously “stole” one of her baby names, so this time she decided to keep her choice completely private.

And others decide to keep them a secret to avoid any negative comments from family members or friends.

So if you’re struggling to come up with a name right now and need a few options, browse our baby name articles here – including inspiration from the 1900s, and Game of Thrones.

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