Woman Becomes Student Hero After She Brings A Mattress To University Library During Exam Week

She just took it to the next level.

A worn-out young woman has become the hero of students everywhere after she took a blow up mattress and Christmas blankets to the library for a nap.

The Texas State University student was spotted fast asleep on the third floor of the uni library by undergraduate Xander Basson, who snapped a picture of the snoozing woman.

“This girl just changed the game at the library,” Basson captioned the photo, sharing it with friends on Snapchat.

According to the junior, students at the university are in full revision mode this week, with many pulling all-nighters in the library before exams.

But Basson says he still couldn’t believe it when he spotted a woman taking a nap on an air bed.

“I laughed pretty hard because that was taking it to the extreme,” the business student said.

Others were equally amazed with the woman’s incredible set up when Basson shared the photo on Twitter.

The snap has been shared more than 2,000 times on social media, while almost 4,000 people have liked it.

Can we all start bringing our beds to the library now?

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