Woman Completes Impressive Yoga Poses On Plane (Without Waking The Passenger Next To Her)

Headstands at 30,000 feet? No problem.

We all know it’s important to move around on long-haul flights to prevent swollen limbs and blood clots.

But while most of us are content to quietly shuffle up and down the cabin, one passenger recently took aeroplane exercise to a whole new level.

In videos captured by her fellow passenger Raad Mobrem, the unnamed woman is seen doing yoga on the plane.

Mobrem, who was traveling from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, said flight attendants asked the woman to stop completing her exercises, but she wasn’t having any of it.

Instead, she boldly completed some side stretches before showing off yet another headstand.

We’re rather impressed by her skills. After all, she managed to do it all without waking up the guy next to her.

You do you, Plane Yoga Woman.

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