22/02/2017 11:17 GMT | Updated 22/02/2017 13:23 GMT

Woman Finds Lost iPhone, Takes Her Minutes To Discover Everything About Its Owner


Most of us like to believe that we prioritise our digital privacy, using (what feels like) thousands of different passwords and fingerprint recognition to lock it away behind a screen.

But our valuable personal information might not be as safe as we would hope. 

Wachiwit via Getty Images

This is after one woman shared a worrying warning on Twitter, after finding a lost iPhone left behind in a public toilet.

The tech-safety vigilante, who goes by the name of Afronomics, explained that within minutes of finding the abandoned device she had learned the owner’s name, address, recently called contacts and where her car was parked.

And that is without knowing the pin.

Using Siri to ask questions, she was able to get to the information without ever getting past the locked screen.

Now she is advising other people to do the same and protect themselves against security threats by changing their settings. 

What a hero.