Moment Woman Gave Birth In The Back Seat Of A Car Captured By Photographer

'I suddenly felt the urge to push.'

A photographer was lucky to capture the moment a woman gave birth in the back seat of a car, right outside the maternity unit.

Paula D'amore from Florida had hired Paulina Splechta to take between 100 and 150 photos of her labour and birth, but had imagined the shoot would take place inside the hospital.

Luckily for her, Splechta managed to document a moment she'll never forget.

Paula D'amore

D'amore said she had started getting contractions at home, which she had tried to soothe by taking a bath.

But when the contractions became longer and more frequent, she decided to head to hospital with Splechta in the seat next to her.

"We were two blocks away from the hospital and I suddenly felt the urge to push," D'amore said.

"We pulled up in the maternity wing and the baby started to crown.

"I felt a head and was like 'Oh my God this is happening right now'."

Luckily for D'amore, the photographer captured the whole thing, including filming when D'amore held her baby for the first time.

What a beautiful moment.

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