17/01/2017 12:23 GMT

Mum-To-Be Has Hilarious 'Heated' Experience At Pregnancy Check-Up And Can't Stop Laughing About It

'Worst experience of my entire life.' 😂

A mum-to-be laughed so hard she brought herself to tears as she recounted her experience of a pregnancy check-up appointment that got a little “heated”.

Rachel McQueen, from Kentucky, US, was in fits of laughter in the car on the way home as she described the “worst experience of her life”.

Shortly after the doctor completed the ultrasound, he got ready to do an internal check-up. 

“The first thing he does is the swab and it goes great,” she explained on her YouTube video. “And after that things got a little heated down there.”


”He had some gel and when I think everything is going fine,” said McQueen before pausing while her husband, Chris, jumped in to explain what happened.

“She goes to the doctor: ‘Oh, oh, ooohh, whatever you put in there, oohh, it’s hot, it’s hot. You gotta go, you got to get out of here, ah man it’s hot.’”

At that point, the couple cracked up laughing so much that they couldn’t explain any more.

A couple of minutes later, Rachel added (through tears): “He grabbed the wrong bottle and put hand sanitiser up there.

“Worst experience of my entire life, so if you guys can top that one let us know.”

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