Woman Live Tweets Couple's Horrendous First Date And It's Hilariously Cringe-Worthy

'I don't look at menus.'
Rayes via Getty Images

When you’re dining alone, there’s nothing quite like a bit of people watching.

And when Kelly Fine sat near a couple in a restaurant recently, she really struck gold.

The pair appeared to be on a truly terrible date, so Fine did the only logical thing.

She live tweeted the entire encounter for her own (and others’) amusement.

The date became awkward early on when the man revealed his aversion to menus.

Then he was just plain rude.

The lack of menu continued to be an issue.

And the man persisted in being an utter douchebag.

He even chewed his edamame skin!

Dessert time soon came around and Fine had one question.

The couple had a rollercoaster conversation.

Fine discovered the man’s name was “Tony”.

And just as Fine was getting to know the pair, it was all over. Phew.

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