24/04/2018 11:32 BST

‘She’s A Puker’: Woman Prints Hilarious Descriptions Of Her Cats For Pet-Sitter

She's heavily invested in her furry friends 🐱

Any cat owner will know the pain of leaving their moggies behind while going off on holiday. After all, how would a temporary cat-sitter even begin to know their likes and dislikes which you’ve carefully decoded over the years?

One proud cat mum wanted to ensure her felines got the best care possible, so she left very detailed descriptions of her four cats for the pet-sitter. Photos of the printed bios, which came illustrated with photographs no less, were shared on Twitter by the woman’s daughter Allison (@ablington), from Massachusetts.

The lengthy descriptions - which featured everything from their eating to humping habits - have had the internet in hysterics and also nodding in agreement, with other cat owners crawling out of the woodwork to compare notes.

The first cat to get a personality analysis was Pootydoots (who also answers to Poots, Poo and Poo-doots). Poots is a “very friendly cat” but is “initially wary of strangers” and will “probably hide” until she gets to know you. Like any foodie she’ll come out of hiding if you shake the treat bag. She loves a rub on the belly, enjoys sitting on laps and likes the company of fellow cats Lucy and Copper, but is not fond of Jack “who tries to hump her on a daily basis”.

Meanwhile, Pootydoots brother from another mother Cooper is a “quiet cat who doesn’t need much attention”. Like a lot of humans “he is not super friendly” but does enjoy the ocassional ear scratch. He’s relatively gentle - his owner has “only heard him hiss a couple of times” and is adamant that he “never bites”. He’s also a bit of a gannet. “He would eat ALL of their food if he could get away with it” and “if he thinks food is going to be served he will emerge from wherever he is sleeping”. Same.

The woman also described her moggy Lucy (aka Lucy-fur, Luce) who is “the friendliest” of the bunch and “loves everyone including total strangers and the UPS man”. Lucy is Cooper’s sister, she’s best buds with Pootydoots and she’s “okay with Jack”. She’s apparently a bit of an escape artist, “she will try to sneak outside if you leave the door open for more than two seconds”, and is also notorious for her vomiting tendencies. “Like I told you yesterday, she’s a puker,” wrote her owner. Because she vomits a lot, her food has to be spread thinly on a plate so she eats it slowly (high maintenance). She’s a major cat-rovert: “she loves people but is very capable of just hanging out with her cat friends”. 

Last but not least, Jack. Despite his humping tendencies, “he is the most skittish of the four”, responding well to calm, quite voices. Anything loud - such as sneezes, small children, probably fog horns - will send him running. He likes to sleep in a very specific cabinet in the kitchen but also has MANY other favourite spots. It’s probably best that he’s not picked up, but he “purrs up a storm if you scratch him around the ears and chin”. Interestingly he also drools while he purrs, “so beware the drips”.

Enjoyed that? Here are some more hilarious descriptions from cat owners on the net. Some people have even gone to extremes by videoing their handovers.