12 Things All Working Mums Are Tired Of Hearing

Don't you feel guilty?

All working mums have felt ‘mum guilt’ - the feeling that you are leaving your babies to fend for themselves.

Even Victoria Beckham has spoken about how juggling a career and family isn’t always easy, but she believes by working she is ‘inspiring her children in the right way’ (and we couldn’t agree more).

These are the 12 questions no working mum wants to hear.

1. Is it not a bit soon to be back at work?

Nope, looks about right to us.

2. Why didn’t you make the most of having time off?

You seem to misunderstand what childcare actually involves.

3. Who is looking after your child?

One of the many other people who are responsible for them.

4. Don’t you feel guilty?

Not until you ask me questions like that.

5. Don’t you miss your child?

Don’t you miss having some manners?

6. Aren’t you worried they’re missing you?

Lucky I’ll be seeing them again in about two hours isn’t it?

7. Don’t you wish you could spend more time with them?

We do live under the same roof you know.

8. Isn’t childcare so expensive?

Thanks for the reminder.

9. Why do you care so much about your job?


10. Have you always put your career first?

Here we go.

11. What does your husband think about this?

Oh, you went there.

12. Aren’t you exhausted?

Well at least you got one thing right.