17/05/2017 12:13 BST

World's First Official Nutella Café Is Set To Open


Nutella fans might want to book a flight to the US because the world’s first official Nutella café is set to open in Chicago. 

Everything in the café is inspired by a jar of Nutella, from the chocolate-filled menu to the red and brown interiors. 

Dishes including the hazelnut and chocolate spread include Nutella crêpes, croissants, waffles and fondu.  

While those who want a break from Nutella (the fools) can order from a selection of sandwiches and soups.

According to the Chicago Tribune, even these savoury dishes have been created with Nutella in mind. For example, diners can order a gruyere and speck ham panini, as speck ham is prepared in the same region of Northern Italy as Nutella. 


While other cafés around the world have tried to cash in on the world’s love of Nutella, this is the first café opened by Ferrero, the makers of Nutella. 

“We wanted to create a world of Nutella for our fans that could truly capture the essence of the brand – not just in the dishes that will be served, but in the full experience from the moment you step into the space,” a Nutella spokesperson said.

“The Nutella Café offers something for everybody, and we encourage everyone to come in and try a dish or snack. We hope Nutella enthusiasts, Chicagoans and visitors enjoy the cafe as much as we enjoyed creating it.” 

Sadly, a spokesperson from Nutella told HuffPost UK there are currently no plans to replicate the café in the UK.

But if you’re a die-hard Nutella fan, head to Michigan Avenue, Chicago, after the café opens on 31 May.