The Worst Beauty Trends Of 2017

Bye-bye, glitter butts.

This year sure was an interesting one for beauty trends.

We saw everything from hair on nails to glitter on butts and even condoms turned beauty blenders pop up in 2017. It’s been weird, to say the least. But we’re willing to give the worst beauty trends of 2017 one final hurrah before we pledge to ditch them for good. (Seriously, can we all agree that these trends have no place in 2018?)

Below, our picks for the worst beauty trends of 2017:

Wavy Brows
What exactly were people trying to achieve with this look?
Pimple Nail Art
Sure, this nail art was technically marketed as a Halloween trend, but we're not over how gross it looks. Please no pimple popping nail art in 2018.
Feathered Brows
Sorry, but these brows just look like centipedes. And now you won't be able to unsee it.
The Condom As Beauty Blender
The Egg-As-Beauty Blender
Using a hard boiled egg is just as bad as a condom. Let's all agree to leave strange and unusual beauty blenders in 2017.
Black Highlighter
We can't really wrap our heads around the paradox that is black highlighter. Sure, it looks kind of cool for, say, an editorial shoot, but for an everyday look? We're not so sure.
Lollipop Lips
We've said it once and we'll say it again: The lollipop lipstick trend just looks like a terrible mistake.
Glitter Butts
Despite the fact that glitter is pretty much impossible to remove from your body once it's applied, people out there tried to make the glitter butt trend a thing. No thanks. We'd rather not discover tiny flecks of glitter in our nether regions month after month.
Hairy Nail Art
While we are impressed by the attention to detail involved with this nail art, we can't help but wonder: H, how do people come up with this stuff?
Nose Hair Extensions
It looks like there are spiders coming out of her nostrils! Why?!
Best Beauty Trends of 2017