16/01/2017 16:34 GMT

Thinking About Proposing? Just Don't Do It In One Of These Locations

And forget the flashmob💍

So you thought that deciding to get engaged was a big deal, but now you’ve got to choose where to get down on one knee.

Should you book a romantic mini break? The Eiffel tower? A flashmob in a busy place that could potentially lead to hideous public humiliation? The possibilities are endless. 

encrier via Getty Images

But no matter what you decide to do, be warned that Twitter has deemed these as the worst locations to propose, using the hashtag #BadProposalLocations.

And we’re inclined to agree.

1. Donald Trump’s inauguration. 

2. Jerry Springer. 

3. An airport. 

4. On the toilet. 

5. Car park. 

6. A funeral. 

7. In a hostage situation. 

8. Holocaust museum. 

9. The supermarket. 

10. Her wedding. 

11. Theme park. 

12. McDonalds.

13. Holiday Inn. 

14. Public toilet. 

15. Speed dating. 

16. Uber. 

17. Anywhere with water.