11 People Explain The Worst Things About Christmas

Bah humbug.

There’s no denying that Christmas can be incredibly stressful - buying the presents, finding the money, and trying not to attack your mother-in-law with a leg of turkey. But it’s always worth it in the end, isn’t it...?

These 11 people on Reddit are sharing the things they really can’t stand about the festive season.

1. The waste.

“The waste. There is an entire industry that makes crappy gifts. Nobody would ever buy any of them for themselves, but for some reason, they get bought as gifts. The recipient politely says thank you, then either puts it in storage, throws it away or returns it for refund.”

2. The weather.

“It doesn’t help if you live where there’s snow, and it’s all gray and gross.”

3. The pressure of the season.

“Pressure. Pressure to spend. Pressure to get gifts right. Pressure to be with the family. Pressure to be merry.”

4. The endless cooking.

“Cooking. I’m a chef, so even when it’s not my turn to do the cooking, I get roped into helping. I also have friends and relatives who don’t want to cook for me because they assume I’m going to be super critical of their food because it’s not restaurant standard. I couldn’t give a fuck. As long as the food is safe to eat and somewhat tasty, I’ll clean my plate without a grumble.”

5. The money.

“Not being able to afford gifts for everyone you love.”

6. The politics.

“Politics at the dinner table. This may end up being one of the worst yet.”

7. The reminder that everyone is getting older.

“The annual realisation that everyone is growing up and eventually, instead of your parents hosting the family xmas, it’s going to be you doing it, thereby setting an example for the little children running around house.”

8. The ones who aren’t around.

“The memories of the loved ones I have lost. I had three close relatives die in one year, two just before and one just after Xmas and the memories come back to haunt me every year.”

9. The people who have to work in retail.

“The really painfully demanding and/or delusional customers seem to appear at a much higher frequency around the holidays.”

10. The music (well just one song).

“Fuck. The music. Actually, not JUST the music, but one song in particular. The worst mistake I ever made was letting on to my friends exactly how much I loathe one song above all others, that being Paul McCartney’s ‘Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time’. Now, every year. Every GOD DAMN year, my Facebook page is bombarded by covers, remixes, alt takes and the one that started it all.”

11. The ending.