08/10/2019 11:54 BST

Zoe Ball Returning To Radio 2 Breakfast Show And It Takes Two After Being Floored By ‘Nasty Bugger’ Flu

The presenter has been off-air for over a week.

Zoe Ball is set to return to our airwaves and TV screens after being struck down by what she describes as a “nasty bugger” flu.

The presenter has been absent from helming the Radio 2 Breakfast Show and Strictly’s sister show It Takes Two for over a week because of the virus.

Kirsty O'Connor - PA Images via Getty Images
Zoe Ball leaves the Radio 2 Breakfast Show at BBC Broadcasting House in London. 

On Tuesday morning Zoe updated fans on her progress, adding that she hoped to be back at work on Radio 2 and It Takes Two on Wednesday.

“Flippin heck. Don’t get flu it’s a nasty bugger,” she tweeted. “Thanks to @djgarydavies for captain’ing the breakfast show today.

“Seen the doc. Should be back to both breakfast and it takes two duties Wednesday. Sorry for absence. #takeyourvits honestly can’t wait to be back.... love to all.”

Some of Zoe’s famous friends have been sending their best wishes to the star, including Jason Donovan, who tweeted: “Hope you’re feeling better Zoe. Hot water and lemon each morning ... should keep the bugs away.”

Last week Nicki Chapman stood in for the 48-year-old star on Radio 2, with Gary Davies taking over the reins this week.

Meanwhile, former Strictly contestant Gethin Jones has been holding fort on It Takes Two on BBC Two.

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Zoe Ball outside Wogan House in London after her first morning hosting the BBC 2 Breakfast Show.

While Zoe has been off our screens, her son Woody has made his television debut on The Circle.

The 18-year-old, whose dad is Zoe’s ex-husband Norman Cook AKA Fatboy Slim, revealed his parents were “supportive” of his decision to take part in the Channel 4 reality show.

“They have given me a lot to think about from past experiences and advice,” he said. “They said that what you say on TV is out there forever and you can’t unsay it and that once you share too much you never unshare it.”

Before joining the show, he admitted he can be wary of people “taking advantage” of him because of his family, claiming he wanted to do the show to “experience life without the baggage of being ‘Fatboy Slim’s son’ or ‘Zoe Ball’s kid’”.