27/06/2017 16:58 BST | Updated 28/06/2017 11:48 BST

A Zoo In LA Has Sparked A 'Lecturing Gorilla' Meme And It's Comedy Gold

Twitter is OBSESSED.

A zoo in America has sparked a hilarious new gorilla meme and Twitter cannot get enough of it.

The Los Angeles Zoo caused a flurry of social media activity over the weekend when it tweeted a photo of one of its gorillas, with users declaring the primate was clearly “lecturing” visitors. 

“This gorilla looks like he decided to have his undergraduate philosophy lecture outside since it’s a nice day,” one Reddit user commented. 

The candid shot of the chatty gorilla, taken during the zoo’s ‘Roaring Night’ event last week, quickly took off, with people on Twitter clamouring to share what they thought he was really saying:  

What did we even do before the Internet?