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Our New Tradition: The Christmas Eve Kit!

So Christmas with kids just got even more exciting... I've just discovered the latest craze invented to spoil our children further in the form of a Christmas Eve Box!

So Christmas with kids just got even more exciting... I've just discovered the latest craze invented to spoil our children further in the form of a Christmas Eve Box! Yes, this may sound like another marketing ploy to stretch our pockets further but quite frankly, if it means starting the Christmas magic that little bit earlier than I am sold! There are companies out there that will put this Christmas kit together for you in beautiful hand crafted bespoke boxes, but I intend to put ours together on a slightly smaller budget which I think will be far more fun!

Below are some ideas I intend to include in the boxes for the girls to kick start the tradition in our house, hopefully it will inspire you for some Christmas Eve Boxes of your own!

A Christmas Book

I was so excited to discover this Santa is coming to Camberley book! The girls are going to love it! Check this link to see if the author has covered your town.


We are Frozen mad in this house, and Poundland are selling some Frozen bubble bath! Well if it gets my two in a bath then it's worth a try...

New PJ's

A total essential for Christmas is a set of new pyjamas. Something I have had since a little girl and a tradition I intend to carry on. My first stop for luxury nightwear is Mini Vanilla, they have a great selection of jersey and traditional woven pyjamas which arrive in beautiful fabric bags in matching prints. They also have a great collection of snuggly dressing gowns that will be making their way into the girls christmas stockings!

Letter from Santa

So many charities are running this wonderful idea where for a small donation, you can input your child's name and some details about him/her and they will send your child a personalised letter from Santa! Last year I used this service and donated to the NSPCC which you can check out here.

Reindeer food

Not something I have attempted before, but I am assured glitter and oats are a firm favourite of Rudolph's and I'm sure the kids will love scattering it out on the grass! You can just put it in little sandwich bags and tie with ribbon and a Christmas tag to make it more special.

If you don't fancy making it, you can get this personalised option for £1 on eBay!


Well it would be pretty disappointing without it wouldn't it!? I intend to get some Cadbury's goodies and a hot chocolate sachet to include in their little box of treats!


As much as I hate seeing the blasted things stuck all over my house, the kids absolutely love them so I'll head to The Works and get a Christmas activity book filled with stickers to get them in the spirit!

Aaaaaaand of course, a Cuddly Toy!

Jellycat are my absolute favourite, they really are the softest, so I was delighted to find this gorgeous bunny on My 1st Years that you can have embroidered with your child's name. She's going to love it!

And for the actual boxes, I'll probably just head to Card Factory where you can get some fantastic large sparkly boxes for just a few pounds and tie with a giant ribbon.

Depending on budget, there is just so much you could include, from Christmas DVDs, fluffy slippers and Christmas socks, in fact I noticed some beautiful Disney Christmas baubles for the tree that would be lovely! Just be careful you don't raise the bar too high on your first year, the novelty of this new tradition may wear off on you far quicker than it will your little one!

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