15/04/2016 11:35 BST | Updated 15/04/2017 06:12 BST

Warning: May Cause Festival Fomo

Coac (hella sad that I'm not there)

The preparation of bloggers and celebrities has already begun as our Instagram and Snapchat feeds are filled with flash tattoos, swimwear and crochet as the run up to weekend one of Coachella begins. You've got deadlines and exams looming, but you still can't stop thinking that since your loan has just dropped you might, just MIGHT be able to make it...

I don't want to be a party pooper here, but the chances of this are as likely as you meeting your deadlines early and not pulling all-nighters in the library. Tickets sold out months ago, the cost of flights would swallow your loan alone and more importantly, there really just isn't enough time to find the perfect crochet bikini.

The road to Coachella is not only an expensive one but requires months of planning (and I'm not even talking about your festival wardrobe now!) You've got to coordinate the right pre-parties, after-parties, wind-down parties, opening parties, closing parties, pool parties and don't even get me started on travel and accommodation.

Am I making you feel better about not going now?

Aside from my, rather apparent, insane jealousy at everyone that is lucky enough to be experiencing this years Coachella, I am actually suffering from festival F.O.M.O (it stands for Fear Of Missing Out). The sun is shining, my bank account is slightly healthier and I want to have a summer full of adventures to look forward to.

Feel the same? Have no fear; I have the perfect F.O.M.O cure. Europe offers some of the most affordable and legendary festivals in the summer calendar and we are lucky enough that our geographical location means we can take full advantage of cheap fares and stress free travel arrangements. I've put together my top European summer festivals and thrown in a few must see's and tips too.

Hideout - Pag, Croatia

Hideout takes place on the island of Pag, Croatia from the 26th June - 30th June and is an ideal start to your summer. With the likes of Jamie Jones, MK, Skepta and Julio Bashmore turning up the sandy shores of Zcre beach this is not one to be missed. Tickets are still on sale and cost £139 so start digging out your bikini's!

Given that Pag is known as the Croatian Ibiza, why not add a few extra days onto your holiday for some well-deserved (cough cough) R&R and go island hoping? Pag is the perfect place to start as here you can catch catamarans and ferries daily to Rijeka for as little as £6! Rijeka is the port on Croatia's biggest and most developed island Krk and from here you can continue your island hoping onto Rab from £5. Both fares cost less that my weekly caffeine bill so I think I might just join you. Rab also offers a slightly more adventurous scene and is superb for diving, as there are several incredible wrecks just off the island.

Just don't forget your travel insurance because without it that affordable start to the summer just became a financial nightmare. Make sure your insurance is comprehensive and covers everything you need it to.

Benicassim - Spain

Probably the most affordable of the bunch as tickets to Benicassim are only £150, which includes your festival ticket, seven nights camping and they'll even pre-pitch your tent for you. If your anything like me you'll welcome the fact that your first couple hours won't be spent wrestling with tent pegs...

Keep July 14th - 17th free as Benicassim will see Kenderick Lamar, Disclosure and Major Lazer perform right through the day and into the early hours of the next. Make sure you drink water regularly and apply plenty of sunscreen - you don't want to be fussing over filters trying to ease your sunburn out of your Instagram photos.

There are regular buses from Benicassim to Barcelona and cost no more than €45 so swap burger buns for tapas and explore Spain's most loved city.

Tomorrowland - Belgium

It needs no introduction. Potentially the most famous festival in the world so tickets sell out in under an hour, but it's going right next to Coachella on the ever-growing bucket list!

Sziget - Budapest, Hungary

Dubbed the festival of freedom, Sziget takes place on an island just outside Budapest from 10th August - 17th August and is one of the largest festivals in Europe. Easily accessible from the beautiful Budapest, do not miss out as its €249 price tag includes a festival ticket, showers and camping which means you can see Rihanna work and the Kaiser Chiefs predicting a riot without breaking the bank.

I'd recommend getting a Citypass if you plan to explore Budapest after the festival festivities have finished. For €33 it covers all your public transport for 13 days (including if you are travelling to and from Budapest for the festival) as well as a spa entrance ticket for free - a must do when your in Budapest!

Apply for your EHIC card before you leave as the European Health Insurance Card entitles you to receive state provided healthcare at a reduced cost, or in some cases, for free. Click here for more info.

Bestival - Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

The ultimate summer send off. Whilst it doesn't have the same turquoise waters or breathtaking architecture that the other European festivals boast, year after year it never disappoints. Especially when everyone from The Cure to Fatboy Slim are headlining.

Bestival pitches in at £192 for the weekend and takes place 8-11 September.

So there it is, this summer's top festivals without breaking the bank! Just add glitter and check out www.gov.uk/knowbeforeyougo to make sure you've got everything you need before you fly out and www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice for country specific travel advice. Don't forget to follow @FCOTravel on Facebook and Twitter for travel updates too!

See I told you I could cure festival F.O.M.O