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Naturist/Nudist Misconceptions and the Truth

When people think of Naturism or Nudism as it is sometimes called their often confuse it was sex and Swingers clubs. As a newish Naturist of over just one year I can tell you it is as far away from the truth. Naturists are normal people who choose to do everyday things but just without clothes on. It's no different from what other people do in their leisure time. We are as you could say as a subculture we are not anti-clothes either. We just don't think clothes are essential to everyday life. Some people only practice being naked while even washing up or while reading a book at home and that is the best way to start. Then you build up your confidence to let other people see you naked. Others only are Naturist on foreign holidays and don't practice here. There are so many types of ways it can be practised.

Naturism is the perfect antidote to what you see in the media as the perfect body. Now into the second year of being a Naturist my body confidence as grown from what it was. Plus it does help to give you more access to Vitamin D because your body is in the sun, when it is sunny. Naturists aren't a sexual when we meet and can see everybody's naked body; it is just not sexual changed as such. Pregnancy is lower in countries were people are more relaxed about nudity. We in the United Kingdom are far too prudish about the body and still can't throw of the Victorian baggage to catch up to a more relaxed attitude in the rest of Europe.

Despite what you might think Naturism is not illegal in England. The Sexual Offences Act 2003 specifically excludes Naturism, though intending to upset or cause harm by being naked may well be a criminal offence. The law is a mess but the circumstances in which you can practice being a Naturist are wider than you may think e.g. World Naked Bike Ride in every summer some cities in the United Kingdom.

If you are worried about going to a Naturist club and worried what people might think of your body you don't have to be. Nobody stares at you or judges you for your body whatever shape or size. It is more about feeling good about yourself and being liberated from wearing clothes. If you want to swim naked then that is fine or go into a Jacuzzi then Sauna naked that is good too. When the weather is good you can play Tennis outside with the sun and wind against your skin.

I have also seen children happily playing without clothes and with their family looking on. Children are not ashamed of their bodies. That shame later gets picked up by society and what happens to be defined as the perfect body. But within a Naturist club those societal pressures don't apply. All the clubs have entry gates entry requirements and to enter. You cannot just turn up and expect to go in without any notice. Child protection is taken extremely seriously within Naturism and clubs all have Safe Guarding policies to cover this issue.

So try taking off your clothes and allow being a Naturist to change your life. What have you got to loose!

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