10/09/2013 07:36 BST | Updated 06/11/2013 05:12 GMT

The One With the CCTV and the Gin

We had no gin in the house. Believe me, this is a crisis beyond belief. So I took the boy off to the supermarket to get some.

He loves a trolley adventure does the boy and we did need other stuff too. Tonic, lemons, ice... no honestly it wasn't just a desperate middle aged mother on a gin run. Promise!

The boy was being very good, helping me put things in the trolley and pushing it nicely and not just ramming it into random people's ankles, which was a pleasant change.

We got to the the booze aisle and I was scanning the shelves for a special offer when a little voice said,

"Mummy, can I have a cuddle?"

It may be foolhardy of me but I have a policy of never denying my boy a cuddle, wherever we may be, so I bent down to embrace the little fella.

"Look it's Mummy." he said and pointed upwards. "Wave Mummy."

The drinks aisle has CCTV cameras and TV screens for security and there we were, up on the big screen, having a lovely Mummy and boy hug, with me clutching a bottle of cheap, own brand gin in my hand and waving it at the camera like a drunk Aunt at a wedding, doing the bending down dance with a toddler.

Bearing in mind at this point my trolley only contained, tonic water, beer, wine, some chocolate and a child's toy, which we needed as a present for a birthday party, I looked like the kind of Mum who only looks up now and again to sling her kid a new Moshi Monster and a packet of buttons, whilst she drinks her "special medicine"!

Hello, social services.

I do hope those CCTV pictures aren't recorded for training purposes or that's going in the Christmas party blooper tape for sure.

God I'm classy!