11/12/2012 08:28 GMT | Updated 10/02/2013 05:12 GMT

Thank You to Spice Girls Fans for Making Our Dream Materialise

Did you ever have a dream? Maybe becoming a famous footballer, or a successful pop star? Some might say it's foolish to dream, a childish fantasy and you should get a proper job, well just imagine if it came true.

Over 17 years ago four friends and I were living in a house together, writing songs, making up dance routines, bitching about who could use the bathroom first and worrying about petrol money. Then as destiny would have it, our dedicated fans bought our first single Wannabe. Thanks to you, our loyal fans, 70million records later, for five young girls, a dream came true.

So on behalf of the Spice Girls I thank you for making our dream materialise, and now for another one - Viva Forever, the musical! Who could have imagined songs that we wrote in a tiny cold studio are suddenly being sung by a brilliant cast in the West End.

This truly is a dream come true for us. We discussed this idea many years ago, our songs were always full of drama and as some of the girls come from a theatre back ground it was always a natural idea that was chatted about.

Over a good cup of tea in my kitchen we managed to bag the queen of the West End, top producer, Judy Craymer (she pulled off Mamma Mia), and then getting Jennifer Saunders (who was always one of us) to write the story was the icing on the cake. We couldn't believe the amazing team which had come together, a brilliant tribe of talented women.

Just so you know the story isn't about the Spice Girls, but instead it's story that belongs to you, about our times, our culture, who we are as a nation now with very relevant issues - fame, adoption, growing up, growing older, fractured families and what's really important in life.

Back in the day we realised the importance of the strength and energy we feel when we come together and support each other, and thankfully it's still there today , like a family. A stellar cast has been picked, we dropped in to make sure!

All the main characters have that ultimate essence of us... What we are about; love, friendship, identity, you'll figure it out!

But best of all Viva Forever is a party, our celebration, where you and I come together and feel joyful.

Once again, thank you so much for bringing us this far, what a privilege the Spice legacy lives on, and you get to bring some new recruits! Bring your whole tribe, and yep, it's still Girl Power, did you really think I'd go without mentioning it?

I write this piece in complete gratitude and to remind you that no matter where you're from, whatever the odds, with heart and determination, dreams do come true - it did for us!

Much love, a truly grateful member of the Spice Girls.