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Poor Sepp Blatter - Is He Just Misunderstood? You Decide!

His supporters say, as does Blatter himself, that he cannot be held responsible for the actions of individuals, that he's never done anything wrong, that in fact he's the victim of a witch-hunt. You decide.

There was much relief in many football quarters when Sepp Blatter finally announced he was stepping down as FIFA President. As a shocking rumour surfaces that he may yet go back on that decision though, there are some quieter voices that say he's a badly misunderstood victim. You decide.

He's been President for 17 years, and was elected for a 5th term, despite saying after his last election that he wouldn't stand again.

That in itself could be said to show his problem - saying one thing and then not doing it. So if he did decide to 'unresign,' it's something for which he would have form.

Through all the corruption scandals that have hit FIFA over the years, Blatter has said he was the man who would sort it all out. Not only were most of the scandals then swept under the carpet, notable *not* sorted out, new ones just kept appearing.

His supporters say, as does Blatter himself, that he cannot be held responsible for the actions of individuals, that he's never done anything wrong, that in fact he's the victim of a witch-hunt.

You decide.

After several FIFA executives were arrested by the FBI investigating corruption, Blatter was deaf to the calls that he must be held responsible, as the head of the organisation. In fact he pressed his 'witch hunt' argument, saying that had England and/or the USA won the bids to the 2018/22 World Cups, none of the groundless allegations would have come forth.

So, is it possible that he's the victim in all this? His support is based on the one nation, one vote system for the Presidential elections. That system means that a tiny member nation in Africa, for example, gets one vote, just the same as England get one vote.

Blatter's used that system to court favour in those smaller countries, building a solid foundation of votes which has proved impossible to beat, effectively securing his position for as long as he wants it.

Those supporters say he has brought much progress to the development of the game in these countries, building many facilities at grass roots. The problems, and it's the same old problems, come with the lack of transparency about the money.

It's never clear where the money actually goes once it leaves FIFA, so the corruption claims are based on the fact that the heads of some of these smaller football nations maybe don't pass on *all* the money that they should, and no-one is able to see proper accounts to verify it.

When it comes to the Presidential elections, those heads of those smaller football nations are naturally going to vote for the man driving the gravy train, Blatter.

When asked by the media about claims like this, FIFA and Blatter, simply say everything is fine, and has been investigated internally. So, it's his hard work and vision that is bringing rewards all round.

You decide.

The voices against him got as loud as they've ever been after the hosts were announced for the 2018/22 World Cups, with the 2022 Qatar announcement being met with incredulity. How could a tiny country with blazing summer heat and no football tradition be selected to host the World Cup?

Blatter dismissed those voices as jealously, but eventually he ordered an inquiry to be held. Once the report was completed, he refused to publish it, saying it only showed minor misdemeanours. When a summary was finally released, the report's author said it was so unreflective of what he's reported, he resigned!

Not a flinch from Blatter. The hard working, clean as a whistle, passionate honourable Blatter.

You decide.

No-one even knows how much he gets paid as President, and let's not forget that FIFA is actually registered as a not-for-profit charity! I think it's fair to say that he hasn't done too badly out of it for 17 years and counting. His daughter told British TV that any money he gets is earned through years of hard work.

The FBI now say their investigation is going right to the top of the organisation, but surely that can't mean the innocent Blatter, can it? He can't be held responsible for the actions of individuals remember.

If FIFA makes payments of up to $10 million, with no-one knowing who actually authorised it, surely that's nothing to do with the head of the organisation is it?

If FIFA's reputation is so bad that the main sponsors are getting twitchy, and that the European governing body is talking about the main European teams actually boycotting the World Cup, which is one of the biggest events in world sport, surely that's nothing to do with the head of FIFA is it?

It's all down to jealousy, predominantly from England and the USA. Jealousy against the only man who can steer FIFA through the latest troubles, as he has done for the glorious last 17 years, the misunderstood Sepp Blatter.

You decide.

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