28/03/2015 17:50 GMT | Updated 27/05/2015 06:59 BST

Going Teetotal for the Easter Holidays

For me, 'Dry January' has always been a bit like the Liberal Democrats. A nice thought but highly impractical.

I love, love, loved the idea of weight loss, healthier skin, an improved bank balance and hangover free mornings, because - well - what's not to like!?

However I could never quite rise to the challenge.. January marked returning to university, re-uniting with my friends, and I'd rather do this over a few beers than lemonades.

But with the start of the Easter holidays, and my third year of exams, I've decided to officially start my 'dry spell'. I'm showing zero tolerance to alcohol and no-platforming it from my life.

Why now? Because I figured it's a better time than any. I need to smash out some revision and hangovers are not conducive to this, while none of my friends are around to go out anyway.

Unfortunately though, it's been much harder than I ever imagined! I am on Day 5 of 31 and temptation is far more permeating than expected.

From a family lunch at the pub to a dinner party with the neighbours, I'm practically salivating a nice, cool Magners to quench my thirst.

I honestly thought it would be a breeze, like when Mo Farah runs a marathon, but in reality it's more of a Paula Radcliffe situation.

The worst part about it all isn't even the temptation, because I'm pretty strong willed. It's the response and confused faces when I tell people I'm going sober for revision.

"Oh, random, do you think you have a problem?" asked my sister.


The struggle is real, which is odd because I've never really considered myself to be a big drinker.

Yes, I like going out and having a nice time, but I only drink on social occasions and it's not so long ago since drinking was illegal for me!

But once I start something I have to see it through, and I'd love for as many people to join me and kick start there exams with a health kick.

I may miss the odd glass of vino, I may be frustrated with people incorrectly assuming I'm an alcoholic, but I'm starting to feel the benefits and I'm not going to stop.

#DryEaster - let's start a revolution.